Well Slept Pictures is a Film and Video production company for Music Videos, Short Films and Videos, Comedy Shorts, Documentaries, Features, and Commercials, created by Rich Szczepanski

Well Slept Pictures translated in Polish is Wyspane Obrazy which was the original inception of the name, when after a documentary about his grandfather, a Polish blacksmith, was made and the name stuck.

Well Slept Pictures continues to work towards making critical visuals works for a wide variety of companies, bands, groups, and clients, and still always seeks new people to assist with films and videos.

Well Slept Pictures is currently showcasing mainly Rich Szczepanski's work, and will continue to do so. A feature film is in post production, and future projects in most genres are as well.

Well Slept Pictures thanks you for visiting,, and keep checking in for new updates, and additions on the site. Please check the links page for excellent Film Fests, Film and Video Artists, Photographers, Multimedia Centers and Production Companies.